Lake St Clair

Lake St Clair upgrades draw increased visitor numbers

Improved visitor experience at Lake St Clair as Belgravia Pro celebrates one-year milestone

From a new on-site Park Manager, a cashless office, infrastructure upgrades, a park defibrillator, installation of a boom gate and an online booking system, there’s been plenty of progress at Singleton’s Lake St Clair recreational park over the past year.

But Justin Fitzpatrick-Barr, Singleton Council’s Director Planning and Infrastructure Services, said the focus was still all about preserving the unique primitive recreational and tourist experience.

A year after Council partnered with BelgraviaPRO to manage the site, there’s been a host of improvements – not to mention a successful response to the COVID-19 to provide for people yearning for opportunities to escape.

“Council awarded the tender to BelgraviaPRO in July last year, and we’re already seeing dividends with ongoing positive feedback from visitors,” he said.

“There has been significant improvements in the administration and management of the site, particularly through a cashless system and online booking system that has been enormously important in COVID-19.

“Council has also completed works on Carrowbrook Road to make the experience of getting to Lake St Clair safer and more enjoyable for people visiting from other areas, or locals heading out onto their back doorsteps.

“And it won’t end there. Council has allocated a further $70,000 to upgrade picnic tables and shelters this financial year, and with bookings already at maximum levels for the October long weekend and filling fast for the school holidays, we already know it’s a worthwhile investment.

“We’re really excited to continue our successful partnership with BelgraviaPRO to continue to improve the park’s presentation and levels of service within the current parameters as a primitive camp site.”

Nicole Dunn, Belgravia Northern NSW Regional Manager, said while COVID-19 had presented some new challenges, it had also provided a creative opportunity to plan for the next 12 months – and from our discussions with regular visitors there was “a whole bunch of exciting ideas we want to introduce when the timing is right”.

“What’s really positive is almost 80 per cent of the people who come here are local people and they’re regulars – they love the unique experience the Park offers and why wouldn’t they, when they are lucky enough to have the Park in their own backyard. The fact our long weekends and school holidays are now booked out months in advance tells us people just love this place. We are extremely proud to manage the Park in partnership with Council and acknowledge the great work our team is doing on the ground,” she said.

“Lake St Clair Park is a COVID-safe registered business and visitors have been great in complying with social distancing measures. We cap numbers when necessary during peak times to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience, which we can now keep on top of with the boom gate, hand-sanitiser and plenty of signage.

“But the lake isn’t just a place that people come to fish.

“We want to provide activities and entertainment experiences for families, young children, and activities that aren’t just water-based, including outdoor movie nights, and hosting events with live music and food trucks once restrictions ease. This is what visitors are telling us they would love to see.”

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Lake St Clair

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